Taurine is an amino acid. Amino acids are building blocks of protein. It is a natural product and is found in many body organs including adrenal glands, blood, cardiac muscle and brain. The manufacturing process used in commercial dog and cat foods frequently destroys much of the taurine in the diet. A deficiency of taurine in the diet is associated with fatal heart conditions in certain breeds of dogs and cats. Researchers in Japan have discovered that cats suffering from seizures respond to taurine. It is frequently reported by veterinarians and owners that dogs with seizures also benefit from taurine supplementation.

DynaTaurine is a taurine supplement with a liquid soybean lecithin base. It is formulated to be a palatable convenient method of administering taurine to cats and dogs. It may be placed in the animals mouth or on food. DynaTaurine is protected by a US patent with claims directed to its beneficial effects on animals suffering with seizures. It is a companion product to DynaLode Chewable tablets with CoQ-10.

All amino acids including taurine are bitter and have a sharp flavor. The liquid soybean lechitin gives the product a smooth taste as well as provides dietary lechitin supplementation. Clinicians report decreased incidence and severity of seizures in animals when using a combination of DynaTaurine and DynaLode.

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Pricing and Packaging
In 16 oz bottles with a 4ml metered pump.
(QUANT) 16.00 each


  • The Dosage for Dogs
    One complete stroke of the pump for (each) 40 pounds of body weight, given twice.
  • The Dosage for Cats
    Give one half stroke of the pump twice daily. Each half stroke is equal to 150 mg of taurine. A 16 oz bottle will last a cat 120 days.

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