Otipan Cleansing Solution is clear, non-staining, non-toxic, and especially formulated for the maintenance of dog and cat ears susceptible to yeast infection. *Otipan Cleansing Solution contains a buffer system that prevents irritation to the delicate lining of the ear canal from the acid pH of solution.

Yeast infections in the ears of dogs and cats are very common since the yeast organism is everywhere in our environment. For example, dogs that dig holes or rub their heads in the grass frequently infect themselves. Re-infection is common, since most owners are unable to change or monitor their pet's outdoor activities.
Many veterinarians are of the opinion that yeast is not the primary cause of ear infections. They attribute the majority of infections to bacteria. Most ointments used to treat ear infections contain antibiotics which are ineffective on yeast. Even though the bacterial infection may be controlled, the ear canal remains inflamed and irritated which results in optimal conditions to allow the rapid growth of yeast. Increased acidity is one of the most effective methods of controlling yeast infections.

Otipan Cleansing Solution is an acidic ear solution with a pH adjustment to 2.5 or less. It is protected by a US Patent with claims directed to the control of Malassezia (yeast) infections of the ear canal on dogs and cats. It may also be applied to skin areas infected with yeast. Otipan Cleansing Solution has a propylene glycol base that is similar to many human cosmetic preparations, and is very soothing to the inflamed tissues. Although it may look oily when applied, it is water soluble.

*Many ear maintenance products contain various types of acids, which can cause severe damage to the cornea if the animal shakes its head and gets a small amount in the eye! Otipan Cleansing Solution has a buffer system to prevent damage should this happen. Otipan Cleansing Solution also contains an ingredient that helps dissolve wax in the ear. Wax is produced in excessive amounts when the canals are inflamed and irritated.

Some groups of related anitbiotics used in ear solutions, damage the nerves producing hearing loss. Otipan Cleansing Solution will not cause nerve damage even when used for long periods of time.

1.Typical Yeast Infected Ear---the yeast organism is most commonly Malassezia.

2.The Yeast Organism---Your veterinarian can use special stains to identify the presence of the organism. The small "peanut shaped' objects are yeast.

3.Successful Treatment---The same ear after flushing with Otipan Cleansing Solution daily for 14 days. Continue on a twice weekly schedule during the hot summer months.

Otipan Cleansing Solution is an effective cleanser of skin infected with yeast and other organisms. It is non-irritating, and non-toxic if ingested, and it is soothing to the irritated surface. In acute conditions, it should be gently rubbed into the infected areas 2-3 times daily.


Pricing and Packaging
2oz plastic containers with an elongated spout for ease of application.
(QUANT) $8.00 each


  • Dosage for Dogs and Cats
    Instill 10 to 20 drops in each ear (depending upon the size of the animal) daily for 14 days, and then twice weekly.

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