Nature's Gentle Stress Reliever promotes a sense of calm in animals exhibiting fear, fretting, anxiety or unwanted behavior caused by:
One or two doses when pet exhibits unwanted behavior, or just prior to onset of storm. Three times daily if storm activity is prolonged.
Motion Sickness:
Two doses prior to leaving house. Three times daily for prolonged travel.
Give three doses within one hour before leaving pet. Leave product with caretaker for continued administration as needed.
New Pets:
Three times daily for the first week.
Grooming/Vet Visits:
Three doses within one hour of visit and one upon entering.
Three times daily for five days prior, and leave bottle with caretaker for three times daily dosages during stay.

A novel therapeutic approach for the treatment of conditions of psychogenic origin in animals.


  • Anxiety can be a first time therapy for psychogenic disease
  • One medicine for the many presentations of psychogenic disease
  • High margin of safety
  • High level of patient acceptabiilty
  • Trans-species use for one product
  • Rapid effect in acute conditions

To all of our customers that appreciate the Harlmen products:

Since our products are uniquely formulated for very specific conditions, we are constantly searching the market place for similar products. A new product that we have become aware of is HomeoPet Anxiety.

I personally have experienced great success with this product on dogs with anxiety seperation, obsessive chewing, and general hyperactivity. We have made arrangements to carry this product on our Web Site, and feel very confident in recommending it to you!


S.J. Harless DVM









Pricing and Packaging
In 15 ml bottle.
(QUANT) 14.15 each

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